Forwarding your cargo


Stena SeaLine’s Customer Service Teams cover a wide range of customer touch points. Including reservations, pre-sales, support with questions about dangerous goods. Information about our routes and ports and check-in times. They can also support you if you have any questions about our Extranet booking system. They ensure you’re offered a consistently top-quality service at all of these stages.


All tariffs are one way with four-bed accommodation, the price includes: all port charges, compulsory insurance, full board, the luggage up to 50 kg.


In case of double accommodation, a surcharge for the driver is + $50.

In cases of exceeding the length of the vehicle as an incomplete meter, the calculations are rounded off as one full meter ($60).

The cost of tariffs for transportation of passengers and cars includes passenger insurance.


Additional fees to tariffs:

  1. The surcharge for excess baggage limit is 1.0% of the fare per kilogram.
  2. The payment is made at the commercial exchange rate of the currency at the time of invoicing.
  3. Settlements are made for cash in the cashier’s office or non-cash payment, the tariff is applied according to the tables.