Forwarding your cargo

Ferry line

Ferry line Chernomorsk (Illyichevsk) – Istanbul – Chernomorsk (Illyichevsk)

Forwarding company “London Sky, LTD”  expresses its  respect to you and kindly  invites to co-operate in the sphere of  overseas shipping services. Our company provides shipping and forwarding services both in international  and coastwise  area (sea, auto, railway, and consolidated cargoes).

Basic directions of our company’s activities are:

  • overseas Ro – Ro shipping all over the world via ports of Odessa and Illichevsk  using  the services  of leading shipping companies;
  • truck shipping of cargo (tent and container vehecles) coastwise and international;
  • customs clearance of import/export/ transit cargoes;
  • arranging of shipment on  ” door to door” terms;
  • complete spectrum of services in innerport forwarding of  all types of cargo;
  • shipping of LCL  cargoes;
  • transshipment of cargo  from railway and truck  transport  to containers and vice versa;
  • delivery of cargo by railway and truck  transport from ports of Ukraine and CIS;
  • sipping of dangerous cargo;
  • dispatch to  and storage of cargo in warehouses;
  • cargo insurance.

Due to well established relationship with most shipping companies, and also wide network of reliable agents throughout the world we can offer you the  best opportunities of delivery most suitable for each shipment. We use the latest technologies and transport schemes to optimize the delivery time and minimize the expenses of their implementation.

Our  energy, knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

We will ensure careful shipping of your cargo, high level of rendered services and the most attractive and reasonable prices.

Looking forward to  mutual business co-operation.