Odessa port

Port agents services

”London Sky ” is one of the leading companies in the port of Odessa. We offer port agent services for the passenger ships, cargo ships in the port of Odessa and also the motor and sailing yachts in the port of Yuzhnyy, Chernomorsk, Kherson, Ust-Dunaisk,The Danube , the passage of the Danube- Black Sea, Izmail, Vilkovo.
Our company is ready to provide a full range of services for the passage of the Dnieper River and the Danube. ”London Sky ” Ltd works as a general agent with the shipowners, so we are ready to protect the legitimate interests of shipowners and perform a wide range of duties :

  • Reservation of berths , providing tugs and pilots and so on;
  • Arranging the procedure for port , border, customs and other formalities associated with the arrival , stay in port and its departure;
  • Maintenance of the ship in port ( including the payment of fees , port charges and fines , ship repair work , supplying ships with fuel , water, food , etc.);
  • Organization of cargo handling and acceptance of goods, control over the process of cargo operations , preparation and execution of cargo and ship’s papers;
  • Settlement of disputes on shipping with cargo and port authorities, protection of the legitimate interests of shipowners;
  • Arranging customs and border formalities for ships on road;
  • Crew repatriation;
  • For passenger ships and yacht excursions on a professional level.